Changing Climate – Building Resilience - March 2018

Eco-West Canada, in collaboration with Manitoba Sustainable Development, Manitoba Conservation Districts Association and Prairies Regional Adaptation Collaborative (“PRAC”) collaborated on a one-day workshop “Changing Climate – Building Resilience” on March 21, 2018, at the Keystone Centre in Brandon, MB.

The overall goal of the workshop was to share best practices and lessons learned while addressing flooding, excess moisture and water scarcity challenges in Manitoba due to a changing climate. Some best practices highlighted in the workshop included multi-functional storage and green infrastructure initiatives that promote greater resilience to the impacts of a changing climate, and integrated climate preparedness initiatives that support broader municipal planning and watershed-based priorities. The workshop also took a survey of current funding opportunities for sustainable projects, including the latest Federation of Canadian Municipalities climate adaptation programs and Green Municipal Fund (GMF).

Workshop Report


Ryan Canart, Manager Upper Assiniboine Conservation District 
Agriculture and climate resiliency

Hank Venema, IISD, Prairie Climate Centre and Jeff McConnell, Mayor Town of Virden
Financing system resilience: Climate-resilient investment planning based on multifuntional retention storage 
Climate-resilient investment planning based on multifunctional retention storage

Shoni Madden, Urban Systems - Winnipeg
Integrating climate change risk assessment into the asset management framework

Cliff Greenfield, Manager, Pembina Valley Conservation District
Water retention strategies of the Pembina Valley Conservation District

Sharla Dillabough, Manitoba Sustainable Development on Distributed Water Storage Project and Manitoba Drought
Incorporating climate change considerations into water retention/storage and watershed management plans

Stephen Walker, Regional Manager of the Steinbach Community and Regional Planning Office of Manitoba Municipal Relations
Integrating climate resiliency/preparedness into the land use planning process

Dany Robidoux, Executive Director, Eco-West Canada
Partners for climate protection program and the FCM’s funding opportunities