Specific activities of the PRAC include building a knowledge base through targeted thematic research, economic analysis, developing policy options and engaging decision-makers and stakeholders through discussions, workshops and forums.

Adaptation and Resilience Forums provide a common linkage across the themes and activities in the Prairies RAC. They provide a mechanism for joint exploration of issues and an opportunity for development of integrated policy options. They also provide the mechanism for inter-jurisdictional discussion on the common themes of the RAC. To date the following PRAC workshops have taken place:

Webinar: Tools for Municipal Adaptation Action - May 2018
This webinar highlighted two tools being used by municipalities to help with their adaptation planning process: the Climate Resilience Express toolkit developed by All One Sky and the Climate and Asset Management Network run by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM). In the webinar, you will also hear about the Town of Canmore’s experience using the Climate Resilience Express toolkit and the City of Saskatoon’s experience with the Climate and Asset Management Network.

Changing Climate – Building Resilience - March 2018
Eco-West Canada, in collaboration with Manitoba Sustainable Development, Manitoba Conservation Districts Association and Prairies Regional Adaptation Collaborative (“PRAC”) collaborated on a one-day workshop “Changing Climate – Building Resilience” on March 21, 2018, at the Keystone Centre in Brandon, MB. The overall goal of the workshop was to share best practices and lessons learned while addressing flooding, excess moisture and water scarcity challenges and undertake integrated climate preparedness initiatives that support broader municipal planning and watershed-based priorities.

Being Climate Smart: Evidence-based decision-making for municipalities - March 2017
Eco-West Canada, in collaboration with Manitoba Climate Change and Air Quality Branch (CCAQ), collaborated on a one-day workshop in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. The overall goal of the workshop was to increase knowledge on climate change impacts and to provide municipalities with information, best practices and tools to help increase municipal resilience to extreme weather events.

Research Forum: Exploring Future Directions for Adaptation Research on the Prairies - February 2017
The forum, Exploring Future Directions for Adaptation Research on the Prairies, brought together representatives from government departments, academia and the non-governmental sector to learn about current research being done around climate change issues on the Prairies. The objective of the Research Forum was to provide an opportunity to gain insights and new knowledge on adaptation needs and options in relation to Prairie agriculture and municipalities.

Managing Climate Impacts: A Workshop for Building Asset Professionals in Manitoba - January 2016
The workshop aimed to build awareness and capacity among key building infrastructure decision-makers and stakeholders on key concepts and climate risks to infrastructure, enhance knowledge on and furthering ways to strengthen the resiliency of buildings infrastructure in Manitoba.

Saskatchewan Adaptation Planning Workshop - March 2015
This PRAC workshop aimed to provide an overview of adaptation planning and different sectoral approaches as well as successes and challenges. 

Practical Adaptation Measures for Alberta Municipalities - March 2015
The workshop was held on March 5, 2015 in Leduc, Alberta as a collaborative effort between the Prairie Regional Adaptation Collaborative and the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre. The full-day workshop featured presentations from leading organizations addressing climate change adaptation.

Enhancing Climate Resiliency into Manitoba Infrastructure: A Dialogue of Current Issues and Opportunities - January 2015
The workshop sought to engage key infrastructure decision makers and stakeholders on climate risks to infrastructure in Manitoba and discuss opportunities to enhance climate resiliency in infrastructure and develop options for a Manitoba case study. 

Saskatchewan PRAC Meeting - March 2014
The workshop aimed to re-engage stakeholders and gauge their interest in adaptation. It further sought to encourage stakeholders to build adaptation into their respective business plans.

Alberta PRAC Meeting - March 2014
The PRAC Meeting sought to review the current adaptation priorities of Alberta and the foundations on which to build effective climate change adaptation programs to cultivate a shared vision for advancing climate change adaptation within Alberta.

"PRAC is Back" Manitoba Workshop - March 2014
The workshop was held as part of an ongoing effort to re-launch the Prairies Regional Adaptation Collaborative (PRAC) and aimed to review the current adaptation priorities for Manitoba, cultivate a shared vision for advancing climate change adaptation and identify key priority areas for strategic and targeted work.  

The Economics of Adaptation Forum - March 2013
The workshop focused on different sectors and the respective economics of adaptation. 

Manitoba Climate Data Modelling Workshop - January 2012
The workshop explored three principal areas of focus, including understanding current climate data and climate projections needs; defining the conditions necessary for getting projection data right for Manitoba adaptation assessments and collaborating and communicating climate data for Manitoba regions and relevant impact assessment findings. 

Manitoba Prairies Regional Adaptation Collaborative Final Forum - March 2012
The objectives of the workshop were to gain knowledge of key results from projects undertaken as part of the Manitoba portion of the PRAC on water resources, drought and excessive moisture, share successes, lessons learned, challenges and opportunities to integrate climate change adaptation into targeted policies and identify priority options on how to best advance climate adaptation in Manitoba.  

Adaptation to Climate Change on the Canadian Prairies - February 2012
The Forum aimed to provide updates on findings for each PRAC theme group - Water Resources, Drought and Excessive Moisture and Terrestrial Ecosystems - and to explore how impacts and adaptation can be converted into actual practice using an inter-jurisdictional and collaborative approach. 

Combined Water and Drought Excessive Moisture Forum - September 2011
The workshop aimed to promote increased awareness and understanding of climate change impacts to water resources, sectors and regions at risk of drought and excessive moisture, update on the current and planned activities, share successes and best practices and foster enhances inter-provincial collaboration and partnership on PRAC water and DEM activities with the view to improving targeted outputs and outcomes.  

Terrestrial Forum - March 2011
The Forum sought to increase awareness and understanding of the impacts of climate change to the Prairies terrestrial ecosystems and targeted sectors and decision-making applications across the prairies within each province.

Living with a Changing Climate Conference - November 2010
The conference aimed to provide a high-level understanding of the challenges climate change decision makers face and to place climate change impacts and adaptation challenges and opportunities in a broader context of environmental and economic challenges and opportunities on the Prairies.